Sphynx Cat Association Constitution and Rules

1.  Title
The club shall be known as "THE SPHYNX CAT ASSOCIATION" and referred to hereinafter as the ‘SCA'.

2. Aims and Objectives

To promote interest in the Sphynx cat and to provide a focal point and guidance for all people who share an interest in the breed.

To encourage the care, protection and maintenance of healthy breed lines of Sphynx cats.

To encourage the free and meaningful exchange of knowledge among breeders, exhibitors, fanciers and pet owners.

To propose to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (hereinafter called the GCCF’) in conjunction with other Sphynx clubs through the appropriate joint Committee, such changes to the Breed Standard and Registration Policy as may be deemed necessary from time to time. To work with the appropriate Joint Committee in the selection and promotion of Judges and encouragement of entrants to the stewarding scheme.

To work for the welfare of all cats.

3.  Membership of Governing Council of the Cat Fancy.

To abide by all the rules and regulations of affiliated representation as set down and amended from time to time.

The GCCF shall have disciplinary powers according to its Constitution over the SCA and the members thereof.

The SCA shall be affiliated to the International Cat Institute in accordance with the wishes of its members.

The SCA shall participate in any joint body recognised by the GCCF which furthers its aims and objectives.

 4.  Membership

The SCA shall consist of an unlimited number of Ordinary and Honorary members.

Application for membership shall be made in writing in a form approved by the Committee. In the event of an applicant being refused no reason need be given.

The categories of membership shall be:

1.    Ordinary Adult - Ordinary members: Ordinary members shall be all persons who, having been duly accepted by the Committee shall have paid their subscriptions for the year in which they become members. These members shall be entitled to attend and vote at any General or Special meetings or postal ballots.

2. Ordinary Joint - two persons from the same household

3. Honorary - Honorary members: Persons shall be eligible for election as Honorary members if they are recommended by the Committee. Their election shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting. Honorary members shall have the right to attend General meetings but shall not have a vote although they shall have the right to speak thereat. Honorary members shall not be eligible for election to the Committee.

If, in the opinion of the Committee, the conduct of any member has been prejudicial to the welfare, breeding or exhibiting of cats, or to the interests of the SCA, the Committee may suspend the member for a given time, or expel the member from the club. This decision shall not be taken lightly and only after full consideration of the available facts. The member shall have the right of appeal to the membership at a General Meeting.

In accordance with Rule 5 of the GCCF Constitution, any member suspended by the GCCF shall automatically cease to be a member of the SCA. At the end of the term of suspension, membership may be re-applied for as in 4 a).

5.  Subscriptions
The entrance and annual subscription fees shall be fixed at a level determined from time to time by the Committee and shall be ratified by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. Any alterations shall take effect from the next financial year. Payment is due on joining the SCA. Subscription renewals are due on 1st January.

Non-payment (after a written reminder) by the date of the Annual General Meeting shall invalidate the membership which shall be deemed lapsed and the person shall be required to reapply to join and pay the registration fee as well as the appropriate membership fee, unless the registration fee is waived by the Committee.

No member shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting or to enjoy any privilege of membership whilst his or her subscription remains unpaid.

6.  Prefix Application

Member(s) requesting a signature from the club Secretary on a GCCF prefix application form should be fully paid up member(s) of the SCA of a minimum of two years standing or at the Committee Discretion.
All Applications to be then approved by the Committee.

7. Committee

The affairs of the SCA shall be managed by a Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer (hereinafter called the Officers) and eight other elected members.
The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be elected for a period of three years. Accordingly, one third of the Committee shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election.
All nominations to serve on the Committee must be made in writing and must be received by the Honorary Secretary at least six weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The nomination paper must bear the signatures of the nominee, proposer and seconder all of whom must be fully paid up members of the SCA. Nominees to the Committee must have been fully paid up members of the SCA for a minimum of one year.
A minimum of three meetings of the Committee shall be held each year. The agenda and copies of the relevant minutes shall be posted to all Committee members at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

A quorum shall consist of six members, two of whom shall be Officers. Absence from three consecutive meetings, may at the discretion of the Committee, be deemed resignation and the absenting member shall not be eligible for re-election for a period of two years. In the case of illness the absenting member may stand for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting

In the event of a vacancy arising for any reason before the completion of office, this may be filled by co-option by majority vote of the remaining members of the Committee. Any person so co-opted shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall be eligible for election. They shall be entitled to a vote.

The SCA may appoint sub-committees to deal with specific matters. Minutes shall be kept of such meetings and a full report shall be made to the full Committee.

The Committee shall annually elect a delegate or delegates in accordance with the terms of articles 5 and 6 of the GCCF Constitution. These delegates need not be members of the Committee but must relay the view of the Committee at Council meetings.

The SCA shall annually elect representatives for the appropriate Breed Advisory Committee. These representatives need not be members of the Committee but must relay the views of the Committee at Breed Advisory Committee meetings.

8. Presidents and Honorary Advisors

The Committee shall annually nominate a President subject to approval by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. The President shall have no vote and the position shall be purely Honorary.

The Committee shall annually nominate up to a maximum of two Vice Presidents subject, to approval by the membership at an Annual General Meeting. The Vice President(s) shall have no vote and the position shall be purely Honorary.

The Committee may appoint an Honorary advisor(s) who need not be a member of the SCA but may be invited to attend Committee meetings.They shall not have a vote and their presence will be purely in an advisory capacity.

9. Officers
At a Committee meeting held immediately after the Annual General Meeting the newly elected Committee will appoint from amongst their number a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, who shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-appointment.
These appointments and elections are not subject to the ratification of a General Meeting of the SCA and shall be notified to the members at the Annual General Meeting.

The Chair shall preside over all meetings of the Committee, Sub Committees and general meetings as required. He/She shall not have a vote. In the event of an equality of votes.

The Vice Chair shall deputise in the absence of, or at the request of the Chairman. In these cases the Vice Chairman shall not have a vote.

The Secretary shall maintain an up to date record of members and complete correspondence on behalf of the Committee. In consultation with the Chairman and Committee the Secretary shall fix the dates of meetings as required. Prepare and distribute documents to the members of the Committee and the SCA as the need arises. Record all Committee, sub-Committee, General meetings of the SCA.

The Treasurer shall hold all monies received on behalf of the club in accounts opened on the authorisation of the Committee. Defray on behalf of the SCA all expenses properly and necessarily incurred and so authorised by the Committee. Render annually at the Annual General Meeting a ratified statement of income and expenditure and a balance sheet covering the SCA's financial year to December 31st, and to make a copy available to all fully paid up members. Manage the club's funds held in a bank or building society, as decided by the Committee. (All cheques must be signed by two officers.) Maintain an up to date register of paid members.

10.  General Meetings.

The General Meeting of the SCA, to be called the Annual General Meeting, shall be held not later than the 31st August in each year. All matters for inclusion on the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting must reach the Honorary Secretary at least six weeks before the date of the meeting. The agenda must be posted to all paid up member at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.

A Special General Meeting may be called by the Chairman, a majority of the Committee, or on the written request of at least thirty fully paid up members, specifying the business to be discussed. The meeting shall be called within three calendar months of the request being received by the Secretary. Notice of the meeting together with the Agenda must be posted to all paid up members at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.

A quorum at all General meetings shall consist of thirteen fully paid up members including the Officers and Committee.

Resolutions, other than matters relating to the SCA Constitution and Rules and breed standards, shall be passed by a simple majority. Matters relating to the Constitution and Rules and the Breed Standards shall require a two thirds majority by a show of hands for approval. At the discretion of the Committee or at the request of a general meeting of members any other matters may be decided upon as a result of a paper ballot or postal ballot which shall be conducted in the same manner as that for the election of Committee members.

11.  Dissolution of the club

Twenty one days notice of any proposal to wind up the SCA shall be given in writing to the members and a Special Meeting shall be called to consider the question. If the motion to dissolve the SCA is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting, the liabilities of the club shall be discharged and any balance should be divided equally among all fully paid up members. Cups, trophies and gifts to the SCA shall be restored to the donors so far as can be traced by reasonable enquiry within six months of the date of the winding up any not so returned shall be donated to other clubs at the discretion of the Committee.