We are all experienced in the peculiarities of our chosen breed, please read about us and contact anyone of us if you need help or assistance.  We cannot guarantee a solution, but will try.

Ann Hobson-Kelly: Hon. Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Website Manager
I have owned, bred and exhibited Devon Rex for 33 years and never thought I would fall under the spell of what I first termed as ‘bald Devon Rex’  Little did I know how right I was about the genetic make up of both breeds, but how wrong I was about falling for the Sphynx.  I bred the first GCCF male to make Champion, Grand Champion, Imperial Grand Champion and this year Olympian Gold and United Kingdom Imperial Grand Champion Nobilero Ruaidhri Seainin.   My prefix is Nobilero.  I live in Devon with my long suffering husband (who is allergic to ALL cats) our Whippet and Irish Wolfhound.
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Eoghan Kelly - Hon Secretary
Being allergic to cats does not exactly endear them to me, but I persevere.  I am working on the Committee to help and will do that to the best of my ability.  Living with several Sphynx, I understand the health and welfare problems the breed has and fully endorse the proactive stance taken by the clubs dedicated to this very naughty breed of cats.
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Laura Croft: Committee Member
I  have owned Sphynx for five years, shown on and off for three. I own Adam, bred by Sue Aherne of Chichi Sphynx, I also own Fester, bred by Sonya of Spiritwalker Sphynx. Additionally I have two Devon Rex girls, Heti and Clemmy and have recently begun breeding, having had my first Devon litter in 2013. My prefix is Lutulente and I hope to start breeding Sphynx soon.

I have served on the committee of the SCA for three years.

Coriander Manning Welfare Coordinator  
According to my mum, my obsession with animals has been lifelong.  For my entire adult life and before,  I've been involved in rescue and rehome in some form. I am slave to a varied selection of cats, dogs, sphynx, ducks and chickens plus mother of two adult children. My husband has a huge heart, and probably softer than me when it comes to the animals!

Having previously worked alongside various organisations, I'm also welfare officer for FACE animal charity which is local to me.  I also work part time in the jewellery industry and am on the road to becoming a goldsmith, an exciting contrast to my welfare work.

In 2010 by chance, I was lucky enough to meet some lovely sphynx, having had a long interest in the breed.  Shortly after we offered a home to a pair via the association. Unfortunately they were very unwell and it really was a baptism of fire into the peculiarities of the breed!  Not too long after I began working alongside the associations welfare officer and later took over the role.

A few more of these naughty nakeds have joined our family since and I'm proud to say I've helped many others find their new forever homes. 

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Paula Simms - Owner, exhibitor and breeder of Sphynx. 

Neil Wiles  co-opted Committee Member
Owner, exhibitor and breeder of Sphynx.

Lisa Rowe - co-opted Committee Member
Owner and rescuer of Sphynx

Linda Clothier-Bowden:  Kitten List
Right about me !!!! I'm a country girl, my parents were farmers, which is where I guess I got my love of animals, I have 2 children, and 2 grandsons, I love walking my two Cavaliers and enjoy reading. I work as a nursing assistant in a psychiatric assessment hospital for the elderly, I fell in love with the Sphynx breed while showing my oriental neuter boy Robin, and after 10 years of dreaming of owning one, I found Dudley.

Louise Barrett - co-opted Committee Member - SCA Magasine.
I met my first Sphynx when looking at a Devon Rex rehome. I fell in love at first cuddle.  Since then I have attended many shows as minder to my favourite boy and learnt so much about the breed in general.  Not able to have my own due to the temper of my Wicked White Witch, I take great pleasure in being Aunty to those my friends own.
I have  recently become involved with the welfare stall we have at most shows. This not only promotes awareness for the breed, through advice and membership, but it also raises funds for our welfare/rehome service. We have a team of knitters who make wonderful catnip toys and I enjoy making feather cat teasers, both of which sell out! We sell a large selection of gifts, jewellery and feline necessaties! If you would like to donate any gifts for us to sell, please Contact  Louise .